A thin flap is removed through a special and automatic device called microkeratome from the transparent surface called cornea which is like a watch glass. The purpose of removing this flap is to reach the middle layer of the cornea. Cornea is reshaped as planned by the surgeon through excimer laser under the guidance of a computer program following the flap is formed and lifted up. Then the flap is placed without the need of any adhesive. The total operation time is 10 minutes.

Although sight is good on the 1st day, getting a clear result may take 1 month. A success over 90%-95% may be achieved according to the degree of visual impairment. In case your eye is determined to be still impaired during the control operation performed at least 6 months after the first operation, all examinations and tests are repeated and the former flap is removed without the new one is cut and the 2nd laser operation can be made if, with PENTACAM, the cornea thickness allows for the operation.

Update Date : 25-04-2022

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