Patient Rights

The Patient Rights in the Patient Rights Regulations of the Ministry issued in the Official Gazette no 23420 dated 01.08.1998 were stated as follows:

Patient Rights

describes the rights of individuals who are in the need of benefitting from healthcare services guaranteed with the Turkish Constitution, international treaties, laws and other regulations just because they are human.

Working Hours

Between 09.00-17.30 within the working hours of weekdays.

Working Hours

Between 09.00-14.30 within the working hours of weekend.

Area of Application

Patient Rights Unit – Polyclinic Building Ground Floor

Patient Rights Unit was established in our hospital in 2005 on the purpose of offering healthcare services compatibly with patient satisfaction and human dignity and preventing the patient right breaches and problems that may arise out of them.

The Patient Rights Unit Responsible and Unit Officer perform duty in the unit. Besides, there is an 8-membered Hospital Patient Rights Committee which investigates and finalizes the appeals to the unit about the breaches of patient rights and performs works to develop practices of patient rights. The Committee makes their decisions with secret voting and by majority of votes.

Where can you Appeal in case of the Breach of Patient Rights?

You may appeal to www.saglik.gov.tr;

Hello 184 SABIM Line and

the Patient Rights Unit in our  Eye Hospital.

In accordance with the Patient Rights Regulations,

  • The information and documents requested by our patient rights unit from our employees are delivered to our patient rights unit within 2 working days.

  • The mentioned information and documents are given to the patient rights committee on the 3rd day by our patient rights unit.

  • The patient rights committee gathers on the 4th day and makes a decision about the appeal.

  • If there is the breach of patient rights, it is written to the administration to take action in accordance with the Public Servants Law no 657. Otherwise, the file is kept in the unit.

Duties of the Patient Rights Unit

  • To raise the awareness of employees in terms of patient rights.

  • To accept complaints, suggestions and applications of patients and patient relatives.

  • To raise the awareness of patients and patient relatives about the patient rights.
Update Date : 06-07-2022

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