iLASIK is one of the laser technologies used in our day and it is a new type of treatment administered with the combined application of forming corneal flap through the computer controlled personal IntraLase laser technology and the Advanced CustomVue (Wavefront) therapy, which is also a personal treatment. Everything in iLASIK is planned according to your ophthalmological findings and eye structure and a treatment is administered specially for you.
The place of entrance to eye have been made through the “femtosecond laser cataract” method used in the cataract surgery, peeling the anterior membrane of cataract (capsule) and dividing the cataract into pieces have been performed with laser energy. In the classical phaco method, entrance to eye is made through bistoury and the anterior membrane is peeled by a surgeon.

These processes in the laser cataract surgery are performed nonsurgically and with exact sizes. Besides, lesser energy is applied to eye due to cataract is divided into pieces with laser energy, thus the risk of cornea damage is reduced. Femtosecond laser cataract surgery minimizes the error margin for patients and the cataract surgery provides safer results.

Following the cleaning of cataract with the operation, lenses are placed into eye, which are permanent for life. It is aimed nonexistence of the need for glasses after the operation placing lenses with distant/near acuity and stigmator features. The astigmatism disorder can also be corrected during the same operation via Femtosecond laser surgery.

Strabismus can be defined as losing the parallelism between the eyes. There are 6 extraocular muscles in both eyes. The lack or excess force in one or more of these muscle causes to strabismus. While one eye looks straight, the other may cross inward, outward, upward or downward. In some cases, this disorder is available in both eyes. Strabismus may be permanent or temporary according to its cause. There is not only one reason in the formation of strabismus. It may arise from different causes.

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