What is Children's Eye Health?

What is Children's Eye Health?

Diseases that cannot be diagnosed and treated in time in children such as visual impairments, strabismus, amblyopia and cross-eye may cause them to see less for life and become unsuccessful in their school, sport activities and in many fields of their lives.

Don’t be late in the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases and don’t put your children’s future at risk! Even there is no complaint at all, 6th month in infants and 3 years in children are ideal times for the first eye examination. However, in case of the symptoms below, it must be appealed to a pediatric ophthalmologist without loss of time.   

  • Squinting or closing one eye

  • White or hazy color in pupil which must seem black

  • Holding the objects close to eye permanently

  • Looking head inclined to one side

  • Rubbing the eyes ever so often

  • One or two eyes to cross inward or outward

  • Premature birth

  • Amblyopia diagnosis in family

  • Visual impairment in family

To protect eye health of children between the ages of 0–16

  • Eye examinations must be performed periodically

  • Right after birth,

  • On the 6th month,

  • At the age of 3,

  • Before starting to school,

  • Every year during the school period.
Update Date : 25-04-2022

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