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Thermal Tourism


Turkey is among the first seven countries in the world in terms of geothermal resources and it is the first in Europe in resource potential and third in hot spring applications.

The thermal water of Pamukkale, which is 35°C in temperature, is recommended in the treatments of diseases such as vessel stiffness, blood pressure disorders, rheumatism, rachitism, paralysis, skin, eyes, nervous system and blood vessel diseases, Reynaud's disease and vascular inflammation.

In addition, it is recommended to be drunk warm because of being beneficial for stomach cramps, diuretic and inflammation, treatment of kidney stones.

The therapeutical feature of Pamukkale thermal waters has been understood from time immemorial, and its curative feature was proven scientifically centuries later. Taking place in the World Heritage List of UNESCO and being kept with care, Pamukkale offers treatment opportunities with many different alternatives with its curative waters to its guests.