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Our Quality Policy


Gamze Işık 
Quality Management Director

Tülin Demirtaş Leylekoğlu
Quality Management Officer


The healthcare services provided in our country keep developing with each passing day being equally as good as and even exemplarily to the healthcare services in the developed western countries in terms of use of the cutting edge technology, substructure development and labor force quality.

The ministry works keeps changing and being renewed in order to always perform better. One of these works is the Service Quality Standards prepared for evaluating and improving the quality of the healthcare services offered. Works performed within the scope of these standards remind use the phrase “quality improvement is a journey that will never end”.

Private Gozakademi Hospital has become a Class A Hospital achieving a success between 800-1000 points according to the results of the Hospital Quality Systems audit performed by the Ministry of Health. The hospital has achieved to be one of the three Class A hospitals leaving many private hospitals in Denizli behind. Besides, this success ensured us to take part among 90 hospitals which achieved to become Class A among the Social Security Institution contractual 478 hospitals throughout Turkey.

We, as Private Gozakademi Hospital’s Quality Management Unit, worked hard to achieve this success. All our staff working in the hospital also contributed to our team in this success. We have passed stressful days of intensive work. We all deserved this success and achieved it. We must always remember; to win is the one side of the medallion, on the other side there is bearing and maintaining it.

We have added the result of ISO Quality Assessment to this success we achieved during the last days of 2011. Our hospital passed the ISO audit following the inspection of the Ministry of Health. As a result of this inspection, it gained right to have ISO 9001-2015 certificate until the end of 2021.

These are all the achievements of all of us as the Private Gozakademi Hospital… We believe that we will carry these high above, and aim to serve to you our patients in safer environments and with safer applications considering the safety and satisfaction of both healthcare staff and patients with the sense of “SQH” (Standards for Quality Health Care), which is now a brand.