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Am I suitable for the laser application?

Please fill the values written in your prescription in the blanks below.

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Who can be applied to?

You will primarily be applied a detailed ophthalmologic examination and other tests. First of all, a visual analysis will be performed without glasses. If you are currently using contact lens, soft lenses should be removed 1 week and rigid and gas permeable lenses should be removed 3 weeks before the examination. Your refractive defects and eye-glasses numbers will be determined firstly without and then with eye drops. Your intraocular pressure will be measured and particularly cornea and retina will be analyzed through biomicroscope in detail. The corneal mapping, corneal pachymetry, Schirmer test, day and night pupil size measurement and Wavefront measurements showing the vision quality will be performed with our state of the art technology product device called PENTACAM.
The purpose of laser eye surgery is to protect the eye health of people and relieve them of glasses and lenses. The success rate of the operation varies from person to person according to the structure of eye due to it is not suited to each eye. Therefore, patient selection must be made correctly and patients must be informed in detail for a successful operation.

Besides, if you have a systemic disease and regularly used drugs during the examination, then you must certainly inform your doctor.

→ People at least 18 years of age,
→ whose visual impairments did not change more than 0.50 D in the recent year,

those with myopia up to -8 dioptrics,
hypermetropia up to +5 dioptrics,
and astigmia up to 5 dioptrics,