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Guest Feedback

I have come without seeing and am being discharged seeing!

I thank to Gozakademi Hospital very much. I was sightless, and thank God, I can see with the cornea transplantation. I have come here without seeing and I can see while being discharged. I thank you so much and wish you success.

Ulan Taizhanov

I got rid of my glasses!

I used to wear prescription glasses and be afraid of the laser treatment. A close relative of mine recommended me Gozakademi Hospital. She was satisfied with the laser treatment she had received years ago. I built up my courage and received the treatment. That was the truest decision I’ve ever made in my life. I thank you all.

Esra Gül

I can see just like I could see in my childhood

Dear friends, I have passed the most important and excited days of my life and I think I was  reborn. I can see just like I could see in my childhood… I can see everything indescribably and with the emotions they carry. It snows how beautifully and everything around me… I can see them all… As if I’ve never seen before. I see birds flying far away. Butterflies and each pieces of the world… Do you think I’m crazy? I’m the world’s happiest woman! You can’t know how I want to run, travel with my car and take the pictures of everything I can see.
(Note: I really don’t know what I missed in days when I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.) I’m bursting with happiness! I thank to Gozakademi very much.

Helana Maty

I had a cataract surgery on my left eye and I got a very good result

Gozakademi Hospital and Mr. Cem came into prominence as a result of the researches I made for the cataract surgery. I made my choice in this way. I had a cataract surgery on my left eye and received a very good result. Therefore I preferred here again for the cataract surgery on my right eye. I’m very pleased with both hospital personnel and the order of the hospital. I recommend Gozakademi Hospital to everyone who has visual impairment like me.

Isa Gazihanoğlu

My eyes can see clearly as before!

Some said that the cornea transplantation was needed and it would not be recovered. But a ring was placed to my cornea through Intralase nonsurgically and I was reborn. I can see well, I appreciate my doctor Serdar Marol and those who contributed. I’m so glad to know you.

Now I can see the distant clearly!

I could not see the distant clearly. Therefore I preferred Gozakademi Hospital and had excimer laser treatment. I thank to all doctors and nurses very much.

Ilyas Uysal

The Solution was in Gozakademi...

I used to have a sight problem approximately had continued for 5 or 6 years. I couldn’t see neither distant nor near. I consulted to some eye doctors in Aydın and they told me that I was keratoconus but they only suggested me lens treatment without recommending any other treatments. Then, thanks to one of my relatives, we knew Gozakademi and my doctor Serdar Marol mentioned my disease and the treatment process in detail. Due to I had an advancing disease, it was stopped with the application of ccl. I was aware that it stopped because I couldn’t see even my hand in front of my face. They placed a ring into my eye. It is not a terrifying but rather an important operation. It is not an operation applied throughout Turkey. Fortunately we have found Gozakademi. I thank to Gozakademi.

Esin Şehitlioğlu

I was very satisfied with Gozakademi’s interest.

I had lacrimal duct obstruction 6 months ago. I went to another hospital before but my friend recommended me to go to Gozakademi Hospital. There I received detailed information about my disease. Both doctors and personnel cared about me very well. I was so happy and comfortable. They behave patients like friend rather than a patient. I thank Gozakademi you for everything.

Talia Hanza